Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i've just listened to it and i was wondering. suddenly a lot of questions came out to my mind. again. i've wasted so many times to wonder to think to find out all the answers for each questions. but this time i don't need it. i've knew that those questions are unanswerable that i'll never ever ask. i don't want to waste my time anymore. so i was thinking shortly and simply.. nothing's impossible in this life. anything could happen even the thing that i've never imagine before. not ever once. and surprisingly it was happened. and it hasn't happen to me. not until right now. not so that easy for me.

there's a bit shocked and sadness. i'm still good. tears fall but i'm fine. i do care and it lies if i said i don't. but it's just not as much as before. then i've realized what was happened makes me stronger and strong enough to through all of this.

loves hates and jealousy.