Monday, September 22, 2008

fun monday noon


short instructions

second times, third times, fourth times, ...times
and done! yeayyy! xD

so anyway..
we had a video shoot session this afternoon and it's quite fun :D
this shooting is gonna be our final project for multimedia class
maybe i'll post the video later after we finish it :)
i just wish..
everything can go fluently without any problem befall us
amin :P

here is my group members

it's me, dee, reza and tamish
and thanks to...

reza to become our actor

he's cool awesome guitarist player!! x)

and also thanks to burn who help us during the whole session
then thanks to our beloved (weird) lecture hehe :P
mr.sharul anwar aka. mr.war
who borrowed us a sound speaker
it really helped reza to feel the song
yaaa it's a fun session :))
but really tiring hehe :P

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