Sunday, March 1, 2009

You are Green Lion, who gives graceful and pure impression. You are dignified, and possess delicate sensitivity and cool intelligence along side your sweetness. But unlike your friendly outlook, you are very cautious towards others, and can not relax in front of anyone. Your weakness is that you can not adapt easily to new environments. You tend to take a very passive attitude when starting something. But when it comes nearer towards the goal, you become very obstinate, and your ego will start to show up. You may become very dogmatic, but because of your personality, people will not feel harmed. You possess a skill of a manager, and even if you experience difficulty, you don't show grimness. You are very practical and precise person. You can make sound and rational decisions, but sometimes can be argumentative. In life, you are long distance runner type. You treasure your past and find something from there. You will have your best days in old age. You are not so emotional type, and therefore look much older than your actual age. You should not think things according to your own interest. Your reliable character is trusted by people around you. After getting married you may turn out a little nagging type. But will be a good wife and a mother.

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