Tuesday, August 11, 2009

700 favs on 1 day and 30 minutes
so surprised and never expect it before
i'm happy a lot of people like it :))


anyway.my life back in cyberia. back to uni life for my final semester. assignments is coming one by one. another sleepless night is coming so soon. 15 weeks to finish all these things. after that? i still don't know where to go. just wishing Lord will give me strength to through it all :))


phi said...

i love that one too :D
already be my fav :D

lisalisz said...

thank u viii ^^

Anonymous said...

Yup...back to the old activities ^^
manage my money back..hahahaha

BTW...nice pic non... ^^


lisalisz said...

hahaha iya ep.. nabung lgi gih nti saia plng kita maen2 hura2 lgi ya wakakaka xD

hihi thanks epp ;))