Friday, August 14, 2009

first week in malaysia.
jalan2.hura2.makan2.happie-yippie ;D

thanks GOD for gave me the days with smiles and laughs :)

monday night. korean bbq di ampang,KL. tetep enak n kenyang ;3

tuesday night. sky bar. tried another side of life ;P

with flaming lamborghini. enak!
next time. gonna try blow job! x)

wednesday. went to midvalley. watched a GIJoe movie.
with katie and raina :))

thursday. went to alamanda n one utama. had a dinner at sushi zanmai.
with nath phi nyo nancy erika eche yulius adrian n eric.
and tomorrow. we're + adit going to bukit tinggi. can't wait for it. so excited! xD

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